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48 Videos


Pat Stott 3 January 2019 Codigo by George Strait High Beginner


25 Videos

Country Bump

Darren Bailey March 2019 Country Music Made Me Do It - Carlton Anderson Beginner


16 Videos

Down To The Honky Tonk

Stephen Pistoia August 2018 Down To The Honky Tonk - Jake Owen (iTunes) Improver


5 Videos

Hard Not To Love It

Stephen Pistoia June 2018 Hard Not To Love It - Steve Moakler ( iTunes) Beginner


75 Videos

I Close My Eyes

Hazel Pace (March 2018) Ich mach meine Augen zu by Chris Norman & Nino de Angelo Beginner


59 Videos

Just a Phase

Fred Whitehouse (Ireland) & Maddison Glover (Australia) January 2019 Just a Phase Adam Craig (3.08) Intermediate


65 Videos

Keep It Simple

Maggie Gallagher (February 2019) Keep It Simple by James Barker Band (Amazon & iTunes) Beginner


3 Videos

Knockin Boots

Guy Dubé & Michel Auclair April 2019 Knockin' Boots Luke Bryan Improver


7 Videos

Little Honky Tonk Bar

Trevor Thornton & Kelly Cavallaro (Florida, USA) (February 2019) Every Little Honky Tonk Bar - By George Strait Improver


110 Videos

Lonely Drum

Darren Mitchell - June 2017 Lonely Drum - Aaron Goodvin (iTunes) Improver


6 Videos

Memphis Love

Vikki Morris (Dec 2014) That's how I got to Memphis Roch Voisine (English and part French versions) Improver


32 Videos

Oh Me Oh My Oh

Rob Fowler November 2018 Oh Me Oh My Oh by Derek Ryan Improver


1 Video

Out Of Sight

Joy Huggins - November 3, 2017 Out Of Sight, - Midland High Beginner


1 Video

Sunset By The Lake De

Ole Jacobson feat. Nina K. April 2019 Kevin Fowler - That Girl Intermediate


2 Videos

You Say

Joy Huggins 1 August 2018 You Say - Lauren Daigle Intermediate NC2S